Becoming A Responsible Citizen

Becoming A Responsible Citizen Can Education Help?

The word “education” means knowledge, training, ability or instructions. Educating is
the imparting and acquiring of knowledge, especially at a school or a similar
After all, what is education, but a process by which a person begins to learn how to
It gives us knowledge which is shown in abilities gained through education. It gives
us training and instructions in a particular subject, for example, health etc. One who
gives education is called an education or instructor.

It is a very vast topic: “can education help becoming a responsible citizen?” Until and
unless a person gains knowledge about the surroundings, he can not be defined as
good or bad. Education plays an important role for becoming a responsible citizen.
Quaid-e-Azam said: “Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world
is progressing so rapidly not only shall we be left behind others but many will be
wiped out altogether.” (Sep.26, 1947, Karachi)

Quaid-e-Azam’s quote tells us about the importance of education for a Pakistani.
Education is the wealth of a nation, needed to become successful.
“God gives dignity and makes high in rank those of you who believe, and those
who’re given knowledge.”

Man is the central figure of the universe. When he is equipped with knowledge, he
proves to be a wonder. Knowledge strengthens our beliefs. Knowledge of all kinds
that is beneficial to humanity should be acquired with zeal. It has been beautifully
summed up in the Holy Quran:

“In the creation of heaven and the earth, in the alternations of day and night, in the
ships that sail and benefit the men, in the clouds, in the rain —- there are signs for
those who think, understand and believe.”

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) laid great stress on seeking knowledge. He raised the
degree of learning seventy times higher than prayers. He declared that the faith of a
person who pays respect to another for his wealth and not for education as wrong.
Wealth has to be protected whereas education protects man. There is no end to the
supply of knowledge that can be stored in a mind.

God created the universe to serve as a manifestation of His light. He brought into
existence man and gave him the will to choose between good and evil.
Allah has given man the freedom to choose the path he desires. He has put forth
before man, options of good and evil. It is for man to choose the right path. The path
of those on whom Allah has showered his blessings and not for those who go around
His wrath.

Nothing in this universe has been created without any purpose. Everything has a
purpose and meaning in it for man to understand and admire Allah.
For a thousand years, the Muslims were the torch bearers of education. This was a
glorious achievement. The Muslims preserved the entire ancient heritage and then
passed it on to modern European with their own great contributions. Islam was a
dominant force in Spain for about eight hundred years. The modern European
civilization which dominates the world today owes a great deal to Islam. Great
universities were developed in the Muslim world particularly in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and
Spain. The light of these universities shone beyond the Muslim world. It drew
students and scholars of all religions from east and west that came to learn the great
disciplines taught in these universities.

There are many shining personalities, for example Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal,
Fatima Jinnah, Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan etc. who became what they had aspired for
by education that was not only gained from school, but from staying home too.
With access to curriculums via internet and with the proliferation of curriculum
through commercially produced books, auto-tapes, Cds, and web sites, home
schooling has become a realistic option for many parents who are willing to invest
their own time educating their child. It is a movement that yet has not peaked.
“Education has for its object the formation of character.”
British Philosopher (1820-1903)

An educated person must obey the following things to become a responsible person:
An educated person should not only be kind with human beings but with animals too.
Kindness benefits both the giver and the taker. Kind words and kind deeds are a
sure way of winning Lord’s grace. The best and easiest way of pleasing God is to
serve mankind by wiping the tears of others who are in grief and sorrow. We can
serve humanity through kind words of comfort, by cheering the depressed.
The “WWF” is a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. A universal law
prevents killing and prevents animals from being hunted for personal use. This
shows the concern of society for protecting animals from the cruelty of man.
Little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Make this earth an Eden,
Like the heaven above.

An educated person should tell others when they are wrong. He should forbid others
when he sees them doing wrong deeds. For example, he can use his knowledge to
give good suggestions to any person, when he is in great difficulty because a “friend
in need is a friend indeed”.

Education gives us the great benefit of knowing the teachings of the Holy Quran. If
we know how to read we can know the meanings of the Holy Quran and what Allah
has said. We know that in the Holy Quran, Allah has repeatedly directed and
encouraged people to ponder on and investigate thoughtfully the happenings in this
universe. He has also emphasized to pay attention to the study of natural
phenomena, the physical and biological principles and interpret them as Allah’s
manifestation. When we read about Islam, we know many things, which are good for
our present life and the life after death. But we can be successful only when we take
these preaching practically: the five pillars of Islam are testimony, prayers, fasting,
giving alms, pilgrimage. In Islam we know about the life of greatest reformer and
preacher of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who spread the knowledge of love,
peace and forgiveness for every one. After getting this precious knowledge we can
spread it to others and play a very important role as a good citizen.

It is a sad fact of modern life that in big cities, thousands of men, women and
children die every year in road accidents and a number of those who are injured, are
crippled for life. It is really very tragic. The traffic accidents are the fault* of those
people who do not notice what is going on around them and who do not care for their
fellow human beings. Some one may walk on the road without looking around and
be hit by a motor cycle. A cyclist may try and turn right from the left traffic lane and
be knocked over by a minibus. Children may be playing in a busy street and not be
aware of a fast approaching car. As soon as the person leaves his home he is at a
risk. To avoid such incidents, a responsible citizen is careful about what is going on
around him and obeys traffic rules and regulations and does not drive at great

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An educated person is never dependent on others. His knowledge can never be
snatched nor be lost or stolen by any thief. He can get better employment
opportunities, thus he will get more income and expenses will be managed properly.

A tremendous increase in pollution can be seen in today’s environment. Shopping
bags are flying here and there on the streets, piles of garbage can be seen on the
road side and many uneducated people throw waste materials on the streets.
Uncivilized children do not keep their environment clean.

Only an educated person has an eye on these issues and plays a key role in fighting
with this monster of pollution. He tries his best to control the flood of pollution which
has not only captured our streets, colonies or schools but the entire country. Our
Prophet Muhammad Said:
“Cleanness is half of faith”
An educated person by nature is an admirer of truth and reality and has the ability to
fight against people such as leaders of a nation. It is said:
“The demise of states comes when leaders only use superficial words and do not
penetrate or go deeply into the souls of the people.”

This means that the leaders of a state like to hear people praise them. They love to
hear good things said about them. People use superficial words to praise them. As
years pass by, leaders become used to this kind of attitude. They do not look deep
into the souls of others and cannot understand their feelings. They do not like to hear
anything said against them even if it is true. States ruled by such people do not
flourish well. They do not progress and come to a downfall. An educated person
always speaks the truth about others when they are wrong, so that they may correct
them selves. In this manner, an educated person plays his role for the flourishing of
the state.

These were the characteristics of an educated human being. If we also want to
become responsible citizens, then we have to adopt these good qualities. It is one
way to win God’s grace.

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