Do you imagine life without internet? Let’s see!

Do you imagine life without internet? Let’s see!

Do you imagine life without internet? Let’s see!

Life seems to be paralyzed without internet, nowadays. That is how, if you are living without the use of internet then trust me it feels like if we are living a stone age life. I mean, how anyone could live or assume a life without a spice in his life! Viral news and all the stalking behavior is like a “Raita” (curd or yougurt) in our Biryani.

I was just assuming it above but believe me, everyone in such era are so much addicted to internet especially on social media site “Facebook” that even our “kaam waalis” (maids) do update their status and upload their pics by letting their profile identity hide and naming themselves as “Papa ki princess, ladli pari, Innocent Angel and many more”.

Despite this, everyone is so much indulged in its usage that they sometimes ignore special time with special means. You know all this circumstance is created because of the triggered and penetrated social media in our smartphones which don’t even let us to dine together at the same time because of our so much indulgency. If we just run our eyes towards the social media site and even our surrounding we will find everyone, everywhere looking at their hands catching a phone while capturing ‘selfies’ and updating status with ponding headphones with new songs in eardrums is manual nowadays and yet it has also become a part of life.

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I have seen many people who are so much attached with the internet that they can’t live a spare moment without it. You might also come across many examples reluctant to this in your life that such kind of people are the epitome of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Snap Chat. This means a big “No” to emails, shows, chatting, apps and social media. Which is inconvenient to us now as it had made us extra legend towards its usage.

But it is not so spontaneous report that everybody is the part of internet there are around 4 billion people in the world and all are not addicted to the drug #internet but they do have mobile phones which they use only for the urgent calls.

Did you think again that why these all 4 billion are not using net? Do they really belong to the planet earth? I know many of the answers would be encouraging poverty but in reality it is not the main issue as the main problem is linguistic barrier. As these all 4 billion people lack compelling the content which worth is irrelevant according to their term of language! As English language is not the world language and is hardly understood within the European countries and if we use our brain encyclopedia then we will come across that there are countries like Germany, Russia, China, japan and Korea who don’t emphasize English as their language. Even these countries neither like to speak in English.

In this world there are almost 4000 languages whereas internet is available in only 36 languages. Many companies of mobile phones are working on it and they are facing the difficulty on the structure and alphabets of different languages. But despite this when we achieve translation problem we use or optimize search engines like Google, but still the keyboard fonts are the barrier that let the people away from the use of internet. You know if this problem would solve it could bring 6 million people together and according to source of information one company has developed 2600 keyboard input fonts through many people can get connected through it.

All of the above internet is the advancement in the technology that excelled us to 21st century by changing our mode of living style through different means including the expansion of business strategy in short it has made us revealed about the product purchasing methodology.

In conclusions internet beneficiate life of a human in one click. The people who grew up with the usage of internet they cannot comprehend their life without it. It is no doubt one of the paved way towards future.

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