Application to principal for fee concession

Application to principal for fee concession

The Principal,
Govt. Post Graduate College for Women,

Subject: Application for fee concession


I am a student of I.Com Part-1 in your esteemed college. I belong to a poor family. My father is an ordinary shopkeeper. He is the only bread earner of our family. He has to support a family of six members with a mild income. During my high school, I had been granted a full fee concession due to poverty. Now, I am here at your college to pursue my dreams. I want to become a banker. I want to support my younger siblings in their studies.

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My father is not in the position of affording my college studies. I request you to remit my college fee so that I may continue my studies. In other conditions, I had to leave college and quit my studies. I hope you will show yourself generously.
Thanking you,

Yours obediently,
I.Com Part-1
Roll No.001

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