Essay on Computer

Essay on Computer


We are breathing in an era of revolutions. New ideals theories and inventions hit the head-lines in the newspapers. Computers, now-a-days have become part of our daily background. News papers, magazines we read, have been typed by computers, the bills we pay are prepared on computers; and statements in banks and other institutions are made over computers and houses are designed by architects with the help of computers. Scientists, businessmen, soldiers and sailors, clerks and directors, accountants and engineers, teachers and lawyers, doctors and researchers, and a growing number of computer personnel make constant use of computers in their daily life. Modern offices hum with the sounds of office machines…typewriters, dictation machines, calculators, copiers, and data processing machines. Computers hold out a great and bright future to mankind. Computer communication will be key to the present and future generations.

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Computer is resulted error free and reliable processing of data either human who are prone to errors. Computer has helped in data transmission over long distances. No matter the distance, data can be moved from one computer to the other computer at high-speed. Computer also reduces cost in terms of investments in businesses and concise the record rooms into single hard drive. Computer helped to grow businesses in terms of business meetings, conference, emails and online chatting. Sharing of information over the internet is a major advantage which has been brought up by the computers in the global business sector.

Computer causes various health and safety issues. Computer users suffer serious back problems, eyes strain and neck pain. This is probably due to a poor posture or an awkward position while sitting at a computer. Computers are generally expensive to buy and maintain. The first purchase, buying of additional software and maintaining it can be expensive. You are not guaranteed that it will never break down. It has brought along immoral behavior among its users. The availability of the internet has perpetuated the rise of hackers, has made it possible to access pornographic material with ease and even lowered the productivity of employees for they can spend hours in the internet instead of working