Letter to Uncle to Thank him

Letter to Uncle to Thank him for Birthday Gift

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
November 03, 2016

Dear Uncle,

First of all, receive my heartiest thanks for the birthday gift. I was more than happy to receive the tablet computer. You know, many of my friends have tablets. I had only an old phone. It was my desire to buy a nice tablet for me but I could not do so due to financial restraints. Father is already against these things, you know.

So, I would not have been able to buy such a nice tablet if you had not gifted it. It is a token of your love for me. All of my friends have praised the tablet. It will help me in my studies. I have already installed a dictionary and a PDF reader. Now I can read e-books, surf the internet, prepare my notes, and do much more.

I promise that I will not give a chance to father to make a complaint. I will use it when needed. I will take care of it. It will remind me your love for me.

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I wished that you had been here on my birthday. I missed you so much. I hope you will be present with me on my next birthday.

Write me more about the exciting things and customs in China.

With love,
Saira Khan

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