Turkish Pop Singer Arrested for Joking about Religious Schools

Popular Turkish pop singer Gülşen was arrested for making hateful comments and jokes about a religious school in Turkey.

The pop singer’s fans termed the arrest as tragic and accused the government of discriminating against the pop singer because of his liberal views.

According to the details, in April this year, pop singer Gülşen joked about a conservative school in Turkey during a live broadcast program, which started the controversy.

Turkey’s Minister of Justice has said that hate speech against an educational institution of the country is an insult to art.

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On the other hand, the government is facing severe criticism from its political rivals and those associated with the country’s showbiz industry over the arrest of the pop singer. Many share the view that arresting the celebrity was taking it a step too far.

Gülşen has taken to social media to apologize for her ‘joke’ and comments, expressing her regret at how this statement impacted or affected people or a community before she was detained.