Life in a hostel


It is very important to know Hostel life through Hostel Life Essay. Due to so much competition in the academic world students are forced to experience the hostel life this is because due to the competitive scenario they are unable to acquire admission in the desired cities or home land, so they have to go to other cities where they have to accommodate in the hostels. There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of a hostel life.

Hostel life can never be compared with the life at home this is because at home there is constantly check and balance over all the activities of the individual, when to sleep, when to eat and when to study. The enormous blessing in a hostel life is the independence as the individual can alter his own routine according to his own will. He has the liberty to sleep whenever he wants, have lunch or dinner at his own need and will not be relied on the entire family get together.

In homes there are several disturbances too as guests and relatives have their visits on very often and irregular time basis which can several times hinder between the studies at very crucial time; might be the last night before the exam, so in hostels you have freedom to study as long as you wish for without any disturbances. In hostel the individual can interact with other youngsters too and can create a god community, from where he or she can learn good habits and can acquire valuable knowledge too.

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An individual is exposed to great amusements in a hostel this is because there are no restrictions from the family so the youngster can go for outings or for enjoying good memorable times. The students enjoy the hostel life because here they have a community of age fellows where they share the burning topics and the events taking place around them at most times.

With so much facilities and amusements several times hostel life plays a vital role is destructing the life of a student. This is because such people who observe freedom for the very first time take negative advantage from it as they get astray and indulge themselves in wrong activities like smoking, Gambling and fighting too. Daily visiting cinemas and restaurants play a crucial role in the wastage of time and also the cash.

As the students expenses are also increased by getting involved in such unproductive activities they starts to tell a lie with the family regarding the expenses and the acquiring of money. It is very much likely that the student might become a part of bad communities and involved in unethical activities too.

This becomes the reasons of his failure in academics and the ruin of his future. The adoption of hostel environment is highly dependent on the management of the respective hostel as well as the control of the student himself. This will enable him to differentiate between the negative and positive impacts of hostel life.