Patriotism means love for and devotion to one’s mother-land. This is a very natural aspect of ‘human life. We naturally have some association with the place where we live and with the people with whom we live. Such associations culminate into the sublime qualities of patriotism.

Love for our country requires us to make some, sacrifice. In the first instance it demands of us to be good citizens to be law-abiding people and ultimately to contribute something to the common good of our people. It exhorts us to rise above self and to do something for our countrymen. At its highest, patriotism requires us even to sacrifice our lives.

Even we try to become patriots and Endeavour to rise up to the noble expectations of our mother-land we cultivate certain good qualities of head and heart. The spirit of selflessness and self-sacrifice helps us shake off mean and low feelings. Our social and moral values are developed and we create nobility not only in ourselves and serve as a source of inspiration to authors. This sincerity of purpose enables the country men to work hard to make their country a social welfare state and thus to maintain her honour and glory in the comity of nations. Men with patriotic feelings make the real wealth of a people.

“Not gold but only men can make,
A nation great and strong, Men who for truth and honor’s sake,
Stand fast and suffer long.”

These are the people; the poet goes on to say, “Who work while others sleep.” They never lose heart. They maintain the morale of their nation by their constant efforts, ‘while others fly and ultimately.

“They build their nations’ pillars deep, And lift them to the sky.”

The patriotism enables a person even to work in an atmosphere which discourages the ordinary man, under adverse circumstance when others don’t co-operate or even betray him.

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The soldiers stand by their country in the hour of peril and lay down their lives simply to vindicate her honour. We can find glorious examples of certain great national heroes who struggled hard and fought valiantly for their mother-land. Mustafa Kamal Ata Turk brought health and vigor by instilling ‘new blood’ in the veins of the sick man of Europe”-Turkey. Our Quaid-e-Azam strove excessively hard for the glory of Pakistan without any regard for his own health or personal benefit.( Liaqat Ali Khan the first Prime Minister of Pakistan did not hesitate even to shed his blood in the service of the country. The unparalleled example of Joan of Arc will always shine brightly in history of the French people.

Patriotism creates a very broad outlook-that is, a person arises above his own self. He prefers the interests of the country to his own interests. This enables him to look at life in a very broad perspective that is, the love for his countrymen.

But there is one thing regarding patriotism which should be kept in mind. Patriotism means love for one’s country but it does not at all imply the sense of hatred for other countries. On the other hand the spirit of self sacrifice should be extended to the entire human society. It means that patriotism should teach us love for and service to humanity.