My Aim in Life / Doctor

My Aim in Life / Doctor


“Hitch your wagon to a star.”

An ambition is a guiding star in our life. It stimulates our courage, energy and enthusiasm. Without ambition, life becomes dull, drab and boring. Those who have no definite aim in their lives cannot rise in life.

“Aim is as important for a man as destination for a ship.”

A profession is usually considered a scale by which a man’s prosperity is estimated. It works like a guiding star and a lighthouse top. It directs the gone astray people to the right direction, and finally brings them to their destination. It helps us to focus our heed and efforts on a particular target. It motivates and compels us to be diligent, honest and steadfast in our efforts it makes us contented cheerful prosperous and rich. As it is the saying of Napoleon:

“Great ambition is the passion of great character.”’

A good profession brings about peace and calm of body and brain while a wrong profession results in physical suffering and mental agony. It mars the delight of body as well as of soul. Therefore one should be very cautious in choosing a profession. Because

“A little hole can make the titanic drown.”

There are heaps of professions. It is an uphill task for a young man to decide about his profession. Many desire to be rich or to become businessmen. Some people dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers while most of the students aspire to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, military officers and scientists.

“This is one step… choosing a goal and sticking to it… changes everything.”
(Scott Reed)

Every human being has been sent in this world with a purpose. God has given different qualities of mind and body to the people to perform different duties of life. It is the first duty of every educated man to understand himself and to determine some aim of life for himself.

“The ambition if reached or not, makes great the life” (Robert Browning)

According to me, the medical profession is the best and it is my ideal. My aim in life is to become a doctor. I intend to be a doctor after the completion of my education. The choice of this profession has been made after a great deal of thoughts. I like this profession from the heart as it appeals to me and suits me well.

“Happy is the man whose profession is his hobby.”

I want to serve to serve my countrymen, especially those living in rural areas. The poor villagers in Pakistan cannot get medical aid if the fall ill or meet some accident. I want to set up a good hospital in a far off village. The best service of humanity is to provide relief to those who are in pain and distress. I would not charge any visiting fee. As far as possible, I would treat the poor patients free. As it is well said:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

I like this profession also because there is great scope for intelligence and hard work in this field. Research in the medical field is going on in every country of the world. New medicines and medical equipment are being invented day by day. I would like to adopt all these modern methods of treatment and would keep myself up to-date. A doctor never retires from his profession like a government servant. The more aged a doctor becomes more experienced and valuable. i.e., “OLD IS GOLD”. Therefore, the personality of a doctor does not degenerate. Daily he gets new cases to treat and interesting patients to deal with.

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I like this profession for another reason. It gives freedom and respect to a man which he cannot get in any other profession. A doctor is not bound to any authority. He may join the government service or establish his own private hospital. Many doctors resign after getting experience by working in the Army or Government hospital. A competent and experienced doctor is more respectable than any officer or business man. In view of these merits, I want to join this profession. I am burning the midnight oil to get this aim fulfilled. As Bacon said that:

“The mould of man’s fortune is in his own hand.”

However honesty and hardworking is the demand of every profession without which we cannot get success. To work as a doctor in an honest and efficient way will be my prime purpose of life. May God help me to leave no stone unturned to achieve my good aim! (Ameen) Rob Richards said that:

“Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work equals miracles.