A picnic party Essay in English

A picnic party Essay in English

A picnic party is an occasion when people pack food and take it out to eat, especially in rural areas.

Refreshing outdoor activities are important in life. Students, as a large segment of society, often go on picnics.

Colleges provide such opportunities to refresh the tired minds of students. Activities like these motivate us and increase our ability to work without tiring us out.

Our college authorities organized a picnic party as usual during the summer holidays. There are many picnic spots in and around Lahore.

But this time the village of Syedpur was chosen as the destination because of the beautiful scenery. The head organizer received sandwiches, salads and rice from a hotel.

It was a delicious treat and it saved us the hassle of arranging everything individually.

All the students gathered on the college grounds early in the morning and at the appointed time we got on the buses and left. All the students were excited.

A picnic party

Everyone was in a happy mood. A lot happened during our trip. Soon we reached our destination. It was a beautiful place surrounded by fragrant flowers.

There was a beautiful view on the right. On the left, a canal was flowing north. In the fresh air of the morning, the birds were chirping happily. We laid a big carpet there and put our stuff on it.

Then they all dispersed in small groups at will. Everyone was enjoying some activity.

Some were singing and others were running after each other. Then at noon, we gathered for lunch. It was a time when everyone was hungry.

We started eating and shared our food. Then we started a music competition. I was surprised to find so many good singers in our group. Some made good parodies of great singers.

After that, any kind of open presentation was offered. Every student took part in it and offered some kind of entertainment to please others. Some made a lot of jokes.

After that, we took some rest and then scattered here and there to take pictures of this natural place. Then we packed our bags and made our way home. It was a happy occasion that became part of our fondest memories forever.

Study and productive work are, no doubt, the main problem of human life, but outings and outdoor recreational activities refresh our souls for better performance.

A picnic party Essay in English

These activities not only make us enjoy but also allow us to learn from nature and circumstances. We should organize regular activities in every field to increase the focus of life on the busy routines of workers and learners.

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